Borssele Beta Jacket Assembly Underway

Borssele Beta Jacket Assembly Underway
Source: HSM Offshore

HSM Offshore has commenced the assembly of the jacket foundation for the Borssele Beta offshore transformer station at its yard in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

The Dutch company secured a contract by TenneT TSO for the construction of the Borssele Beta platform in September 2017, after it had cut the first steel for the Borssele Alpha transformer station.

HSM Offshore is in charge of the engineering, procurement, construction, transport, installation, connection and testing of the two 700MW platforms.

Borssele Alpha and Beta will connect the wind farms to be built offshore at Borssele in the south-west of the Netherlands to the national grid.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s vessel Oleg Strashnov installed the jacket foundation for Borssele Alpha in August 2018, with the platform scheduled for completion this year. Borssele Beta is expected by next year.

The two platforms are the first large-scale grid connections to be constructed under the National Energy Agreement for offshore wind farms in the Netherlands.