Bourbon Expands Offer in the Caribbean

Bourbon Expands Offer in the Caribbean

A flourishing fleet, a wide variety of assignments and the arrival of next generation personnel transport vessels: BOURBON continues to expand with success in the promising Antilles-Guyana area.

In April 2009, an oil company called upon BOURBON to transport its personnel to the platforms it managed on the east coast of Trinidad. The Group then decided to set up a logistic and technical structure on location. Two Surfer 1800 vessels began providing the first rotations from the Galeota Point base in August. In an area where over twenty helicopters work on a daily basis, this initial contract enabled BOURBON and its local affiliate Bourbon Offshore Trinidad to prove their expertise and the quality of their personnel transport services to the dozen oil companies based in the area.

10 vessels operating in the area

Since this date and the first successful assignment, BOURBON has not stopped extending its fleet and, therefore, its range of services in the entire Caribbean area. It started with two Surfers followed by five supply vessels (including four Bourbon Liberty vessels, BOURBON’s iconic series) and three crewboats (two Surfers and a FSIV). These vessels enable the Group to provide locally merchandise supply and personnel transport, logistical provisions and the towing and positioning of oil installations.

“Our fast establishment in the area and our operational success since 2009 have proved our strategy,” says David Chevessier, Bourbon Offshore Trinidad’s General Manager.  Our crewboats, both our Surfers and FSIVs, have managed to provide a safe, reliable and economic solution. Our clients are completely satisfied with the supply vessels operating in the area, all with diesel-electric propulsion and class 2 dynamic positioning (DP 2).

After gaining the oil majors’ trust, while relying on the competency of Bourbon Offshore Trinidad’s teams (almost forty office-based and sea-based professionals), BOURBON has foreseen encouraging prospects for the years to come in the Caribbean area. Teeming with promising markets (Guyana, Suriname, Colombia etc.), there are several calls to tender in process locally.

“The 3 year contract in Trinidad that was signed at the start of May to provide three next generation built-in-series DP 2 FSIVs underlines the starring role that BOURBON will play in this flourishing area in the future,” said Bourbon in a press release.

Press Release, May 16, 2013
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