BSEE Develops New Oil Spill Response Planning Calculators

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The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), in collaboration with Genwest, launched a set of response system planning calculators for mechanical recovery (ERSP), in situ burning (EBSP), and surface-applied dispersants (EDSP).

The use of these tools is currently not required for the submission of an oil spill response plan (OSRP), however, BSEE believes these calculators are best practices and offer significant improvements in estimating the capabilities of oil spill response systems.

BSEE has encouraged plan holders to consider using these tools in the preparation and submission of OSRPs as it may use these calculators as an additional evaluation tool when reviewing OSRPs for compliance with existing regulations.

“Use of the response planning calculators translates into better preparedness by industry. Ultimately their use should result in more effective responses to spills, and an overall benefit to the environment by improved mitigation of the impacts of oil spills, should they occur,” said John Caplis, an oil spill response coordinator for the bureau.

The four calculators are:

Estimated Recovery System Potential (ERSP) Calculator – Provides a systems-based approach that is a significant improvement over the existing Effective Daily Recovery Capacity (EDRC) planning standard. While EDRC focused only on the capacity of the skimming device and removal pump, ERSP addresses the entire system’s ability to encounter, collect, contain, remove, store and offload recovered oil and water. The improvements address concerns expressed by the Deepwater Horizon Commission that the EDRC standard does not accurately estimate the removal capacity of mechanical recovery equipment.

Recovery System Evaluation Tool (ReSET) – Allows plan holders and Oil Spill Removal Organizations to explore changes to their mechanical recovery systems and consider options to improve the system’s oil removal potential. ReSET allows users to vary individual components in the Estimated Recovery System Potential Calculator and determine how they can best invest in mechanical recovery equipment.

Estimated Dispersant System Potential (EDSP) Calculator – Provides a technology update to the Dispersant Mission Planner 2 used by the U.S. Coast Guard to estimate the ability of different aircraft to spray dispersants and treat oil on the water’s surface. The EDSP Calculator features an improved user interface, added spray application platforms, and a more visual and intuitive set of graphical outputs.

The Estimated Burn System Potential (EBSP) Calculator – This new oil spill countermeasure planning tool provides a way to estimate the potential for a towed fire boom system to encounter, contain, and burn oil.

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