BSH preparing another tender for German N-9 and N-10 offshore wind areas

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) plans to open a tender for the collection and processing of hydroacoustic and seismic data for the N-9 and N-10 wind areas in the North Sea.

Through the tender, expected to be launched in October, BSH will seek services related to geophysical investigation of the subsurface of the areas N-9.1, N-9.3, and N-10.2 – with the tender to be divided into three lots, one for each of the areas.

The services include the acquisition of a complete grid-shaped hydroacoustic/ seismic dataset for the preliminary geophysical exploration, and thus the creation of a data basis for the subsequent geological report or the geological model.

Within the preliminary investigation of the areas, geophysical surveys will be carried out in 2021 and 2022 as part of the geological preliminary exploration. The investigations include the measurement of a given profile grid on the three areas by using a sediment echo sounder and high-resolution multi-channel seismics. 

In addition, the recorded data sets will be processed, evaluated and documented, and suitable locations for the subsequent geotechnical explorations will be determined. 

The overriding goal of the collection and processing of hydroacoustic/ seismic data is to make them available to third parties.

The contract to be awarded for the N-9.1 offshore wind area will commence in December 2020, while for the areas N-9.3 and N-10.2 works are set to start in January 2022.

Last month, BSH issued a tender seeking geophysical and hydrographic monitoring for the N-6, N-9 and N-10 offshore wind zones in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The tender includes data acquisition, processing and evaluation, and the creation of GIS and evaluation products and reports.