BW LPG Snaps Up Evergas CEO

The Singapore-headquartered liquefied petroleum gas shipping company BW LPG Limited has chosen Martin Ackermann, currently the Chief Executive Officer of Evergas, to be the company’s new CEO.  

Ackermann will take up his new role at BW LPG in Singapore once his contractual commitments have been finalised, and BW LPG’s current CEO, Nicholas Gleeson, will in due course return to his previous position as Chief Financial Officer of BW Group.

“We are very grateful to Nick for his sterling efforts taking BW LPG to the stock market and in the period thereafter, and are pleased to have his continued contributions as CFO of BW Group,” Andreas Sohmen-Pao, Chairman of BW LPG, said.

”We are delighted to be welcoming Martin as CEO of BW LPG. As the world’s largest LPG shipping company, we look forward to his leadership in developing the company’s strong platform of assets and capabilities.”

Image: Evergas