Canada: CSL Releases Environmental Report

Canada - CSL Releases Environmental Report

Released in August 2012, The CSL Group’s 2011 Environmental Report chronicles the significant strides made by the company in the past year to improve its overall environmental performance.

In addition to reporting on key performance indicators, measures and goals, the report highlights a number of initiatives undertaken by CSL to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce its impact on biodiversity, improve fleet efficiency and invest in green technologies. Outlined in the report are large-scale projects such as the Trillium Class newbuild initiative and the cutting-edge Ecospec exhaust scrubber system, as well as fleet improvement strategies such as managing fuel use, maximizing heat recovery and addressing ballast water challenges.

“Communities around the world expect marine transportation companies, whether local or global, to conduct their operations in a manner that is respectful of the environment,” writes David Martin, Owner and Chair of the CSL Sustainability Committee. “At CSL, we share this expectation and have made it a corporate goal to seek practices and technologies that will enhance our environmental performance. Moreover, we have become a world leader in promoting short sea shipping as a key contributor to economic growth and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”


Source: CSL, August 14, 2012