Canada: Westport, ENN to Partner on LNG Transportation

Westport, ENN to Partner on LNG Transportation

Westport Innovations said it has signed an agreement with leading global clean energy provider ENN Group aimed at the proliferation of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation solutions and fuel for on-road, off-road, rail and marine applications.

ENN is one of China’s largest private companies with more than 30,000 employees.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Global cooperation – the agreement covers the US, Canada, China/Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa
  • Multiple transportation platforms – Westport and ENN look to partner for opportunities across trucks, rail, marine and mining applications
  • Mutual acknowledgement of long-term commitment to LNG infrastructure – ENN is expecting to engage in building liquefaction plants in North America and fuel stations through the BLU station brand
  • ENN to guarantee long term fuelling solutions and agreements for its customers
  • Westport to facilitate collaboration between our OEM partners and ENN and provide proposals to ENN and its fleet customers
  • Fleet optimization – ENN will look at operating its truck fleet on LNG as a way to optimize fuel cost savings and reduce harmful emissions


ENN is active across a wide range of energy services, including municipal and home energy services, and has been aggressively building out its LNG fueling business in China, with more than 238 natural gas stations in 59 cities, and plans to develop LNG liquefaction plants and LNG stations in North America. By leveraging the world-leading expertise in natural gas vehicle technology and fuelling infrastructure of each partner, this agreement is expected to accelerate the adoption of natural gas transportation.

“ENN has been aggressively increasing the capacity for natural gas transportation across the spectrum of vehicles, and with this agreement, we will work strategically to increase the number of vehicles, fleets, and infrastructure for passenger vehicles, trucks, marine, rail and mining industries,” said David Demers, CEO of Westport. “They are an extremely innovative and entrepreneurial company so we can expect a rapid response to demands in existing markets.”

LNG World News Staff, March 01, 2013; Image: Westport