Cap Energy: Seismic survey over Djiffere block about to start

Seismic operations are about to start on the “Djiffere Offshore License, offshore Senegal, Cap Energy PLC has announced.

Cap Energy Seismic survey over Djiffere block about to start

The Djiffere Offshore Licence was awarded in July 2013 to Rex Atlantic Limited (now TAOL Senegal (Djiffere) Limited (“TAOL Djiffere”)) with a 90% interest and Société des Pétroles du Sénégal (“PETROSEN”) with a 10% interest. Cap, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sencap Limited, recently acquired a 49% participation in TAOL Djiffere.

On 31 March 2014, TAOL Djiffere issued a Letter of Award of a 4,000 km full fold 2D seismic survey contract on the Djiffere Offshore Licence to Dolphin Geophysical AS. The survey, to be carried out by the seismic vessel Artemis Atlantic, is planned to commence around 22 April 2014 and to last approximately 35 days.

Lina Haidar, Cap’s Chief Executive, said: “The acquisition of the seismic data on the Djiffere Offshore License will be an important step forward in the understanding of the potential of the Djiffere Offshore block and we are pleased with the quick implementation of the work programme on the license. We look forward to updating shareholders on progress of these activities in due course.”


 April 14, 2014


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