Carnegie’s MoorPower demonstration project begins operating

Carnegie’s MoorPower demonstrator begins operating

Carnegie Clean Energy’s MoorPower demonstration project has started operating at the offshore test site in North Fremantle, Western Australia. The technology is expected to reduce the requirement for fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, reduce risk and drive down cost.

Source: Carnegie Clean Energy

The MoorPower Demonstrator deployment is expected to deliver validation of the technology in advance of commercial rollout in aquaculture and other offshore industries.

The MoorPower Module works on the same principle as the CETO Power Take Off (PTO), but on the surface and at a smaller scale, so learnings are transferable to Carnegie’s projects in Europe.

“The deployment of our MoorPower technology is a significant milestone in the challenge of decarbonising offshore operations, it is an important step in bringing our technology to the world,” said Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fiévez. “What we are learning from this demonstration deployment at our testing grounds off Fremantle will be critical to rolling this technology out to aquaculture and other marine industries.”

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The deployment follows extensive onshore testing and commissioning completed at Carnegie’s onshore facility which focused on reliability, allowing the project team to test communications, control strategies and more in advance of ocean deployment.

The MoorPower Demonstrator project is expected to yield vital insights into the behavior of the MoorPower system across various sea conditions. These results will play a crucial role in validating the modelling of the MoorPower technology and validating performance simulations for future commercial MoorPower projects.

The concept of the MoorPower technology emerged from Carnegie’s engagement with the aquaculture industry who are the first customers for the technology. According to the company, this early engagement produced a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, constraints and challenges of the aquaculture sector and its needs.

The empirical data and experience delivered from the demonstrator deployment are expected to further enhance confidence in the technology for future customers.

Huon Aquaculture and Tassal Group, Australian aquaculture specialists, and Blue Economy CRC are potential first adopters of the MoorPower commercial product.

“The successful deployment of Carnegie’s MoorPower Demonstrator is testament to the impact the Blue Economy CRC has in bringing together key technology developers such as Carnegie Clean Energy, with leading universities and innovative aquaculture companies,” said Blue Economy CEO John Whittington. “This technology advances Australia’s ocean energy capabilities and provides real-world solutions for decarbonisation and a tangible pathway to net-zero.”

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