Carnegie brings MoorPower demonstrator back to shore for maintenance

Carnegie brings MoorPower demonstrator back to shore for maintenance

Following the initial phase of operations offshore North Fremantle in Western Australia, Carnegie Clean Energy has brought its MoorPower demonstrator back to port for inspection and maintenance, with redeployment expected in several weeks.

Source: Carnegie Clean Energy

At the beginning of the year, Carnegie deployed the MoorPower demonstrator off the coast of North Fremantle and has gathered over 2,000 hours of operational data. This deployment is said to represent a critical milestone in validating the technology’s functional operation, reliability and performance.

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Testing being undertaken includes the evaluation of control systems and transition procedures. The data from the demonstrator’s operation is being evaluated and serves to validate the accuracy of the MoorPower models, allowing further optimization of the system for future commercial applications.

In its report for the first quarter of the year, Carnegie said that the demonstrator was providing core structural validation of the technology, including core components to both CETO and MoorPower nad the team is pleased to see the belt tracking occurring as intended, the configuration of the MoorPower modules operating as expected and cohesive operation of the moorings and belts in tandem functioning efficiently.

Following an initial phase of operations, the MoorPower demonstrator was brought back to port in late April to undergo inspection and maintenance before winter. According to Carnegie, the MoorPower modules have been engineered for simple detachment and reattachment as is required for commercial operating barges, ensuring that the barge can be maintained with ease.

Demonstrator redeployment is expected in several weeks.

“These functional successes provide confidence in the ability of the MoorPower system to be viably upscaled for commercial operations as required by aquaculture companies Huon and Tassal,” Carnegie said.

“As a first of a kind demonstrator, this project is an important opportunity to test and learn. Therefore, the demonstrator has more planned inspection and maintenance than would be the case for future commercial projects.”

During Q1 2024, Carnegie announced its dual listing on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB market under the ticker CWGYF – a move said to have opened efficient, real-time access to North American investors in U.S. dollars.

The company believes that the OTCQB platform’s liquidity and partnerships will facilitate engagement with U.S.-based renewable energy investors.

Carnegie’s primary listing remains on the ASX, with secondary listings now in both the U.S. and Europe.