Carnegie brings MoorPower demonstrator back to shore for maintenance

MoorPower demonstrator achieves initial goals, signaling ability for commercialization

Carnegie Clean Energy’s MoorPower demonstration project has reached its goals during the initial operational phase, showing the ability to meet commercialization targets, the Australian company said.

Source: Carnegie Clean Energy

MoorPower is a wave converter system designed for offshore energy demand applications. The MoorPower Module works on the same principle as the CETO Power Take Off (PTO), but on the surface and at a smaller scale, so learnings are transferable to Carnegie’s projects in Europe.

In January 2024, the device was deployed in North Fremantle, Western Australia, and brought back to port for inspection and maintenance in April 2024.

The company said that the MoorPower modules have been engineered for simple detachment and reattachment as is required for commercial operating barges, ensuring that the barge can be maintained with ease. 

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In developing the MoorPower concept, the team set product requirements that would not disrupt operations or hinder decarbonization goals, including diesel replacement targets. The initial goal was for MoorPower systems to produce 50% of the annual average energy needs, and the future goal is for the MoorPower systems to produce 100% of the annual average energy needs. 

During the initial phase, the system encountered mild sea states, with more significant winter sea states anticipated soon. In March 2024, the system faced its largest sea state yet, with a maximum wave height of 1,5 meters. Scaled to commercial size, this equates to a 3-meter wave height at a typical commercial site.

During the initial operations, the module auto-alignment performed excellently, said Carnegie, adding that this is important for the company, as it is a key feature for the commercial MoorPower System to be deployed on operating barges. 

The system will be redeployed in the coming weeks, following the completion of inspection and maintenance. The project will collect and analyze data to develop the Commercial MoorPower system for use on an operating aquaculture asset, said Carnegie.

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