CCS-HOSCO Cooperation Enters Phase 2

China Classification Society (CCS) has signed the Second Phase Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hebei Ocean Shipping Co (HOSCO) in Qinhuangdao.

CCS-HOSCO Cooperation Enters Phase 2
Second Phase Strategic Cooperation Agreement signing ceremony

The two sides have been engaged in a strategic cooperation relationship since 2007.

The second phase agreement marks the deepening of the long term comprehensive cooperation targeting strategic advantages of the companies in terms of technology, management, training, as well as energy conservation and environment protection.

The agreement was signed by CCS Vice President Jiang Liqun and HOSCO Vice President Zhang Yucheng.

China Classification Society  performs classification, certification and notarial surveys of ships including offshore installations, containers and related industrial products both at home and abroad.

CCS also conducts statutory work on behalf of the Chinese Government and other flag administrations.

HOSCO, an international shipping company,  manages general cargo ships, bulk carriers, VLOC, and VLCC that carry grain, iron ore, grain, crude oil, coke, coal, and fertilizers.

Press Release; June 27, 2014

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