Center for Offshore Structural Expertise Established in Denmark

A new centre for offshore structural expertise has emerged as a result of an expansion of Ramboll Oil & Gas head office in Esbjerg, Denmark.

A highly specialised environment comprising engineers and technicians is located in the Danish offshore capital, Esbjerg. These specialists work exclusively with the design and reinforcement of offshore structures for the oil/gas and wind industries.

“We have managed to bring together quite a large number of specialists. Actually, with approx. 100 offshore engineers and technicians working under one roof, Ramboll in Esbjerg has the largest offshore engineering team in Denmark. The Ramboll specialists deal with both oil/gas and offshore wind,” says Department Director for Ramboll Structures, Henrik Møller.

“There is no doubt that a unique centre for structural expertise emerges here in Esbjerg as we share knowledge across client markets. Doing this we also believe that we are creating an innovative working environment for our engineers,” Henrik Møller concludes.


Press Release, August 22, 2012