CGG to Close Acquisition of Fugro’s Airborne Activities

CGG to Close Acquisition of Fugro’s Airborne Activities

CGG announced that the main administrative authorizations have now been received allowing CGG to close its acquisition of Fugro’s Airborne activities.

Certain administrative actions are still to be completed, but these do not impact business continuity and are expected to be finalized shortly.

The Airborne acquisition concretizes the final stage in CGG’s successful acquisition and integration of Fugro Geoscience. As a result of this transaction, CGG has significantly enhanced its integrated geoscience offering and expanded into new markets such as marine gravity, electromagnetics, data management services and geological expertise as well as airborne geophysics.

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: “The Airborne group is a valuable addition to CGG and I would like to warmly welcome our new colleagues into the company. Our geoscience footprint now includes the skies as well as the oceans and land. This strength in depth and in breadth gives us a unique set of resources to help our clients meet today’s complex challenges.”


Press Release, September 03, 2013