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Chart updates its LNG process tech

Chart updates its LNG process tech
Image courtesy of Chart

Chart Industries unveiled its IPSMR+ process technology for liquefied natural gas which builds on the company’s previous IPSMR process technology. 

Chart said in its statement the additional features of IPSMR+ will further lower power consumption, reduce plant emissions and lower plant cost per ton.

The technology builds on the company’s single mixed refrigerant design and adds a pre-cooling step. Chart said IPSMR+ process provides as much as 8 percent increased efficiency over IPSMR.

Chart noted its less complicated method for pre-cooling IPSMR® requires approximately 25 percent less plot space than conventional pre-cooled liquefaction technologies, independent of which rotating equipment is utilized.

In addition to broadening the mid-scale offering, with the additional efficiency, capacity and cost benefits, IPSMR+ could turn up to be preferred choice for baseload LNG plants using multiple identical liquefaction trains.

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