CHEC Achieves Prestigious Recognition (China)

CHEC Achieves Prestigious Recognition

The 12th China International Engineering Project Management Summit, namely, Experience Exchange Meeting between National Excellent Construction Project Managers was hosted recently by the China Construction Industry Association (CCIA) in Xi’an.

At this meeting, CHEC’s Zawal Port EPC Project in Saudi Arabia, Hambantota International Airport Project in Sri Lanka, and Said East Port Phase II Hydraulic Project in Egypt won the first prize of the 8th National Excellent Construction Project Management Achievement Award in 2012; and the Lobito Port Extension Project in Anglo won the second prize.

CCIA selected the winners of this Award annually, aiming at making a summary of and advertizing the excellent management achievements of Chinese construction companies in lump-sum contracting and project management, comprehensively improving the theoretical research and practical application level of construction project management, and promoting the project management to be more normalized, finer, more standard, more integrated and more scientific.

At this meeting, 299 excellent project management achievements were awarded, including 84 first prizes, 113 second prizes and 102 third prizes, all of which were recommended by the construction industry (construction) association in different regions and from various relevant industries and the construction companies managed by the SASAC. These achievements were appraised by the National Excellent Construction Project Achievement Appraisal Committee after being reviewed.


Press Release, November 12, 2013