China: Aframax Tanker to be Converted into Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel

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FKAB China have recently secured a design order from ZPMC’s Shipping arm for conversion of the 15 years old aframax tanker “Mako” to semi-submersible heavy lift vessel.

FKAB to Convert Tanker into Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel

After conversion the heavy lift vessel will be able to transport container cranes, offshore rigs and other heavy cargo. Cargo can be loaded/unloaded by roll-on/roll-off or floating on / floating off. Total cargo deck area of about 170m x 42m, can be submerged 9m below the waterline.

The conversion will be carried out in a shipyard in Shanghai area.  FKAB China will be responsible for conversion design including concept design and basic drawings.


January 31, 2014


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