China: CIC Changxing Finalizes Emergency Repair of MV FORTUNE MIRACLE

On December 4th, 2012, CIC Changxing Shipyard completed the emergency sea damage repair of MV FORTUNE MIRACLE on time.

MV FORTUNE MIRACLE, with owership of CIDO Shipping, is 224.86M in LOA and 32.26 in LOB. She called at the shipyard mainly to repair the sea damages, forecastle deck, FPT, ER and FWT, with a total steal renewal weighing 50tons.

MV FORTUNE MIRACLE arrived at shipyard in the afternoon of November 22nd. She had collided with another vessel when entering the port, thereby resulting in heavy damages of forecastle portside and serious deformation of port achor and hawse pipe. Tight schedule, restrained working space and difficulty to perform the job were the desicive factors for the smooth going of the project.

Prior to her arrival, technology department worked out elaborative procedures and the production department started to purchase required materials upon receipt of the drawings and arranged close job inspection to define the workscope onboard as soon as the vessel was berthed.

The repair was planned in details in compliance with the work organization, which included overtime for workers.

All the damaged sections iwo forecastle and ER were completely cropped on the very first night of the vessel’s arrival and it was followed by fitting of the frames. On the third day, the work proceeded to the fitting of forecastle frames and shell plates of the hull. To surmount the difficulties by restrained spaces, tight schedule and cross jobs, the managers of production department and supervisors deployed workshops to perform their jobs at coordinated times and areas. Within 10 days, the steel repairs were completed in good standard including the positioning and renewal of hawse pipe, and coating.

Press Release, December 13, 2012