CIC Changxing Shipyard Sets Up New Record (China)

CIC Changxing Shipyard Sets Up New Record

Up to Oct.31st along with the leaving of M.V. Jia Mao Shan, CIC Changxing Shipyard repaired 36 vessel this October, which created a new record of monthly number of ship repair since the yard was set up.

With the arrival of the autumn, the shipyard met the repair peak time in October. Within the National Day Holidays (7days), there were 11 vessels delivered by the shipyard. Thanks to the support of CIC –Shipyards, more ships entered the shipyard for repair one after another from mid to late October.

It was busy period for the shipyard to fulfill repair projects last month. According to the feature of minor & urgent repairs, and the production rhythm of “short, smooth, fast”, all of the shipyard departments conscientiously implemented the spirit of the conference (dated September 27th ), with guaranteeing the repair period, safety & quality, establishing a good brand as the central part of the task, strengthened the management of production and ensured the smooth proceed of the repairing.

To get the production well done in October, the yard leaders required the Engineering Department and all the workshops to operate precisely, set the docking & sailing date as the prime mission, balance the labor force, control the production rhythm, pay high attention to key ships, make preparation and execution in advance for the material & craftwork.

Meanwhile, both the upper leaders and the managing personnel went to the production sites, enhanced the communication with the ship owners, resolved practical problems in time, improved the relationships between the yard and owners, promoted the production service and strongly propelled the production progress.


Source: csgcic, November 6, 2011