China: CIC Lixin Shipyard Completes Repair Works for Vessel Mo Xing Ling


On February 28th, CIC Lixin Shipyard completed the repair of MV Mo Xing Ling, the main repair works included the tail shafting and the renewal of corrugated bulkhead between E/R and C/H No.5. MV Mo Xing Ling was an old vessel with water-lubricated tail shaft. After the vessel was docked, It was discovered that the tail shaft bearing needed to be changed.

The docking department started the job as soon as the project was confirmed by the shipowner. The QC inspector stayed on the site during the tail shaft was removed, and the bearing was manufactured, bored and installed. With 4 days and 4 nights working, the repairing of tail shaft was completed successfully. The main job in E/R was assistance of renewing the corrugated bulkhead, which involved the fire pump, the sludge oil pump, the control boxes, the jack boxes and all the cable support. About 200 pipes had to be removed and refitted before undocking, including fuel oil pipes, bilge pipes, steam pipes, sounding pipes and vent pipes. The hydraulic slop & ballast valves located in duct keel and E/R had to be tested. Workers from the engine department carried out the adjustment jobs and finished main engine trial successfully with the crew during the night of the ship undocking.

Following the business philosophy, “ The shipowner’s request is what we always pursue”, every department involved cooperated closely and completed the repair duly with high quality.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 13, 2012;