China: COSL HYSY720 Seismic Vessel Breaks Monthly Record

HYSY720, a 12-streamer seismic vessel commenced operation in May 2011, has successfully completed 1607.79 km2 of data collection volume in August 2011 and achieved an outstanding monthly record. The vessel has commenced operation for 110 days as of today and has continued to strike new records for COSL’s geophysical data collection operation.

HYSY720 commenced operation in late May 2011. On 6 June 2011, it achieved a daily data collection volume of 75.93 km2 in Liwan 43/11 region, a record high of its kind ever attained in China. On 7 July 2011, the vessel boosted its daily data collection volume to 94.77 km2 in Dongsha 25 operation. On 24 July 2011, HYSY720 further enhanced its daily data collection volume to 96.495 km2.

Source:COSL ,September 14, 2011;

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