China: Yu Chongde Inspects Longyuan Rudong Offshore Wind Farm

China: Yu Chongde Inspects Longyuan Rudong Offshore Wind Farm

On March 21, Yu Chongde, deputy General Manager of China Guodian Corporation, and his entourage came to inspect Longyuan Rudong Offshore Wind Farm. Fei Zhi, deputy General Manager of China Longyuan Power, accompanied him during the inspection.

Taking a special sea vehicle, Yu Chongde arrived at wind turbine site and made a field inspection of the operation of Longyuan’s 32MW experimental wind farm and 150MW demonstration wind farm. He inquired in detail about the construction technology of offshore wind power, experienced the specific production operation and maintenance of the frontline staff in the offshore wind power production and operation and asked about the overall production and operation of wind farms. After that, he went to the special quay for offshore construction and visited the 800T revolving derrick barge for offshore wind power which was the first one in domestic China and was invented by China Longyuan Power.

Hearing the report on the offshore wind power made by Zhang Gang, president of Jiangsu Longyuan Offshore Company, at Longyuan Rudong Offshore Booster Station, he fully recognized the excellent achievements made by China Longyuan Power, such as business operation, R&D and application of the new offshore wind power technologies. In addition, he proposed his hope and request on Jiangsu Longyuan Offshore Company as follows: first, it is to do a good job of the safety work on the construction site and strictly follow the safety measures. The staff on the construction site should be familiar with the tidal rhythm so as to ensure the safety of offshore patrol; second, it is to fortify the equipment management in order to ensure the safe operation of wind turbine units, try to generate more electricity and guarantee the management benefit of the company; third, it is to care about the life and health of the frontline staff. Meanwhile, it is to offer more training opportunities to them so as to improve their professional skills; last, based on the achievements of offshore wind power that have been made, it is to summarize the advanced experience and further regulate the management level.

Yu Chongde and his entourage also visited Jiangsu Longyuan Huan’gang Substation during this inspection.


Offshore WIND staff, March 30, 2012; Image: clypg