China: ZPMC Wins Largest-Ever Port Equipment Order

China - ZPMC Wins Largest-Ever Port Equipment Order

Recently, ZPMC has won the bid for the project involving 35 shore bridges for the Port of Singapore under the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA). This is the largest-ever port equipment order signed by ZPMC.

Under the contract, PSA will purchase 35 shore bridges from ZPMC by batch in September, October and November 2012, with the first batch of 11 shore bridges worth 100 million U.S. dollars. As a contract option, the remaining 24 shore bridges will be purchased by PSA by batch from ZPMC according to the construction schedule of the terminal.

The shore bridges purchased this time will be used for Pasir Panjang container terminal. So far, PSA has purchased 68 shore bridges from ZPMC including the 11 purchased this time. Huge bulks of quality and high-efficiency port equipment provided by ZPMC has shored up the role of Singapore as a global shipping center.


Source: ZPMC, August 13, 2012