China’s first methanol bunkering ship gets green light

CCS Wuhan Rules & Research Institute, a key institute directly under the China Classification Society, has granted an Approval in Principle (AiP) certificate to Zhejiang Seahead Ship Design and Research Institute Co. for China’s first methanol-fueled bunkering ship.

Image credit CCS

The methanol-fueled bunkering ship design has been developed in response to the industry’s growing demands for methanol as a marine fuel. The vessel boasts a maximum methanol filling capacity of 7,500 tonnes and is designed to be versatile, capable of running on both fuel oil and methanol fuel. It comes equipped with essential features like filling hoses, emergency release devices, dry break valves, and ESD systems to ensure safe and efficient operations.

The approval by CCS takes into account the potential risks associated with methanol filling while considering the future development needs of Zhoushan, set to become a bonded ship fuel filling center in Northeast Asia. CCS said that the technical indicators of this ship model, including speed, load capacity, economy, and adaptability, have been recognized as advanced, aligning it with similar international ship types.

To meet industry demands, the Wuhan Institute of Standardisation organized the establishment of a methanol fuel technology application and ship-type service working group. This dedicated team conducted in-depth research and detailed evaluations, focusing on the overall design, ship layout, bunkering system, cargo containment system, and safety protection. They provided comprehensive technical services to optimize ship safety and system design, in cooperation with the ship’s designers to verify the initial “Guidelines for Methanol Fuel Bunkering Ships.”