CMA CGM Magellan Brings Art to Sea

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CMA CGM Magellan, a 365 meters long container ship, will be covered by a collage made by French artist JR on more than 150 containers as part of “Terre d’Eaux” festival, according to CMA CGM Group.

For the first time, a container ship will be turned into a work of art welcoming on its front side a JR‘s monumental collage.

Thanks to the technique of photo collage, French artist JR exhibits on walls throughout the world, in Los Angeles, Paris, Brazil, India or Kenya, catching the attention of those who do not usually visit museums.

With JR’s intervention, it’s the ship itself that becomes a work of art. CMA CGM Magellan will leave Le Havre Terminal de France on  July 3rd, with the art work on its starboard side towards Asia going through the Suez Canal.

“It’s the first time I have the chance to be at the heart of another world. I wanted to work on container ships for years. I want to use them as pixels,” JR said.

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