Coda Octopus Echoscope in CLE’s Cable Survey

Coda Octopus reports that CLE has used the Echoscope and Coda Octopus positioning system (F175) on a project for the inspection of underwater cabling. The Echoscope was integrated onto a SAAB Sabertooth AUV.

This inspection was conducted in an area with strong currents and visibility of less than 1 foot, preventing divers from being used for a visual inspection.

According to Coda Octopus, with the Echoscope mounted on an AUV, this survey was completed faster than inspection by traditional methods and provided a real time 3D picture of the survey area.

Kevin Tweed, Hydrographic Surveyor working on the CLE project, stated: “The Echoscope allowed us to conduct this mapping survey faster than before and provided more details in real time of underwater features (and obstructions) around the cable. Being able to make measurements in real-time was essential to our success. As part of our final deliverable, using the Coda Octopus Survey Viewer, we presented our client with a 3D picture that he could rotate and make measurements from. This feature proved to be compelling.”

Blair Cunningham, Coda Octopus President of Technology, said: “We are extremely pleased with the continued success achieved by CLE. The Echoscope real time 3D sonar is again delivering real productivity gains and safety benefits to our customer.

Marine businesses in many industries understand the advantages of the real time 3D imaging capabilities of the Echoscope over other sonar equipment for subsea placement and dynamic surveys, and are time after time endorsing the productivity gains and safety improvements that can be realized by using the Echoscope.”