Commissioning cargo delivered to Finland’s first LNG terminal

Skangas-chartered Coral Energy on Sunday brought the first cargo to Finland’s first LNG import terminal. 

Gasum, Skangas’ parent company noted the construction of the terminal is scheduled for completion in August with commercial operations beginning in September.

Coral Energy loaded a cargo and departed from the Fluxy’s-operated Zeebrugge LNG terminal in Belgium on  July 5, as LNG World News reported earlier.

The facility is currently undergoing commissioning, Gasum said in its statement.

So far the construction of the terminal, built to diversify Finland’s energy market and enable deliveries to industrial operators outside gas pipeline network as well as for maritime and heavy-duty road transport, has progressed on schedule.

The project’s total investment amounts to €81 million. The LNG terminal project was supported with €23 million granted by the Finnish Ministry for Employment and the Economy.

The terminal area comprises a 30,000 cbm LNG storage tank, loading docks, process units, flare torch, three loading docks for road tankers, a transformer building and a heat production unit.

In addition, the company said a number of LNG fueling stations will be inaugurated in Finland with the Pori station scheduled to open in the summer of 2017.


LNG World News Staff