Comms and elevator issues aboard Petrobras’ FPSO in Campos Basin

Workers at one of Petrobras’ offshore production units are reportedly experiencing problems with the on-board comm systems.

According to the Brazilian oil workers’ union Sindipetro-NF, workers aboard the Petrobras-operated P-35 unit in the Campos Basin, are facing problems with the on-board communication by internet and phone. The union says the oil workers are struggling to contact their families.

Also, the union says the elevator at the FPSO is out of order “burdening those who need equipment.”  Among the most affected by this, the union says, are the laundry staff “who need to climb six floors carrying clothes to the laundry room, which is on the main floor.”

In a statement on Friday, the union said it was maintaining contact with Petrobras regarding the problems identified aboard the Marlim field-moored FPSO.

The P-35 is not the only Petrobras FPSO to have experienced problems last week. Namely, the P-48, also located in the Campos Basin caught fire on Thursday. More on that here

Offshore Energy Today Staff