Concordia Removal: No Threat to Environment So Far

No Threat to Environment So Far2

Results of the water quality of the samples taken on the first day of the refloating of Concordia wreck, show no critical issues, the salvage team officials informed Wednesday.

The operations to connect and tension the chains of three starboard sponsons on Concordia wreck are in progress, the salvage team added.

No Threat to Environment So FarThe Concordia has emerged from the false sea bed of about 3 meters on average, specifically 2 meters in the bow area and 4 at the stern.

Meanwhile tugboat Blizzard arrived in the area. With Resolve Earl, already on site, Blizzard will tow the wreck from the bow during transport.

No Threat to Environment So Far3The Concordia is currently in position thanks to two other tugs, Garibaldo and Red Wolf on the east, which will be now joined by the Blizzard.

The ship will be towed at low speed and escorted by other vessels, with equipment and specialized personnel, including a team of marine biology experts, ready to intervene should any problem arise.


Press Release; July 17th, 2014