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Offshore Energy Conference

The Offshore Energy Conference addresses topics of interest to all levels of the industry ranging from young professionals to seasoned industry leaders. In three days the whole life cycle of offshore energy will be discussed, from prospect to E&P to decommissioning, covering topics ranging from technological innovation in various disciplines to industry wide strategic challenges.

The three day program consists of Keynotes, Thematic Sessions, Master Classes and Side Events.


Features Offshore Energy Conference 2018:

  • Keynotes
  • Thematic Sessions
  • Master Classes
  • Side Events


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Keynotes Offshore Energy 2018 brings four keynotes sessions, on Gas, Oil, Offshore Wind and Marine Energy. Invited international speakers will share their views on industry developments, from global demand and supply in oil and gas to the outlook for offshore renewables and from game-changing technologies to leveraging knowledge across industries. The keynotes are must attend events for decision-makers interested in strategic insights.
  • Global Oil Event
  • Global Gas Event
  • Offshore Wind Event
  • Marine Energy Event
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Thematic Sessions The thematic sessions address topics along the lifecycles of oil & gas fields and offshore renewables projects, from discovery and development to decommissioning. Anticipated topics are Subsea Power Systems, Offshore Transport & Installation, Late Life Operations, Digital Transformation and Decommissioning & Re-use. Sessions are combined with breakfast, lunch or tea.across industries. The keynotes are must attend events for decision-makers interested in strategic insights.
Master Classes

The Master Classes bring together masters and young talents in the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industry for an informal exchange of ideas and experiences, both technical and non-technical.

The Master Classes are meant for final year students, starters and young professionals with under six years work experience and holding a Bachelor or Master degree or studying for it.

Practical Information
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