Converting General Cargo Vessel to Hopper Dredger

Last year, Holland Shipyards Group was selected by Faasse Dredging for the conversion of a general cargo vessel to a hopper dredger.

Image source: Holland Shipyards

After the acquisition, Faasse Groep and Holland Shipyards have come to an agreement on the conversion of former general cargo vessel Mandeo into the trailing suction hopper dredger Schenge.

Currently we are installing the dredging system on board of the vessel. With the combined expertise we have within the Holland Shipyards Group, not only did we perform in-house engineering of the dredging system, but also took care of the complete production,” Holland Shipyards said in the announcement.

The suction pipe of 700 mm diameter with a total length of 40,5 meters, and the draghead of TVD SLK-700 type are capable of dredging to a depth of 36 meters below water level.

After her completion later this year, the vessel will be deployed for sand extraction in the North Sea.