COSL Completes Fracturing Operation at Sinopec’s Well in Ningbo (China)

The well completion and output enhancement unit of China Oilfield Services Limited (“COSL”) has recently successfully completed a fracturing operation at Sinopec’s 14-2-1 well in Ningbo. This is the first fracturing operation COSL performed for Sinopec.

The professionals at the well completion and output enhancement unit managed to meticulously put together the necessary personnel and organization resources, equipment and raw materials needed for the crushing operation despite the tight completion deadline and short notice. These efforts had been effective in shortening the operation time and substantially lowered the production cost to the benefit of the client. The overall operation went smoothly and received endorsement from the client. The fracturing technology of COSL will further contribute its efforts to the development of low permeability oil and gas wells in China East Sea.

Subsea World News Staff , January 20, 2012;