COSL Launches First High-Powered Deepwater AHTS Vessel (China)

COSL 681, the first high-powered deepwater AHTS vessel in China invested and constructed by China Oilfield Services Limited was recently successfully launched for operation in Wuhan. COSL 682, which belongs to the same model, is about to be launched as well.

COSL681, which is specifically designed for deep water operation of COSL981, has met international advanced standards. Its construction will become one of the key areas of scientific studies in China. The vessel is capable of running anchoring operations in depths of 1500 meters and offshore supply and operation in depths of 3000 meters, with a maximum bollard pull of 3000KN. COSL681 is compliant with CCS standards and fueled by diesel-hybrid power, illustrating its energy-saving and environmental-friendly features. Equipped with highly-automatic internal integrated control system, it is able to operate on-deck machinery system in a safe and efficient manner during bad weathers. Its full-view navigating bridge has met DNV standards, delivering a degree of comfort as well as operating noise and vibration, which are in line with the latest requirements. COSL681’s sewage disposal has also met the latest highest international standards. Equipped with remotely operated underwater vehicles, the vessel allows more flexibility in handling complicated deepwater operations.

COSL681 is the first vessel of its kind to be equipped with key scientific research applications such as ultra-high strength steel used on the deck. It will not only enhance offshore oil exploration equipment standards, but push forward the development of high-end vessel construction.

Source: cosl ,June 02, 2011;

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