Craig International signs stock resale contract with Shell

Oilfield procurement firm Craig International has signed a global agreement with the oil giant Shell for the provision of equipment stock resale services. 

The company said on Tuesday that Shell would use its recently launched service called Craig Collaboration.

The service provides companies with the opportunity to reduce wastage and duplication, recoup financial outlay, and sell unwanted items which are often sitting in storage.

Craig Collaboration connects companies looking to sell spare equipment with those looking to buy since many o&g companies have substantial surplus equipment stock sitting in costly storage.

Jill MacDonald, joint managing director of Craig International, said: “There is a lot of equipment going unused in the oil and gas industry and it makes sense from a business and environmental point of view to reuse it.”

As well as the ability to buy and sell equipment stock, a further function of the Craig Collaboration approach is that it allows businesses to use the platform as an inventory controller.

“Our system will flag if a customer is looking for a piece of kit in Aberdeen which their Dubai business has available. Any company can sign up, and their surplus equipment will be offered to buyers globally with whom we are in contact regularly,” added MacDonald.

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