Croatia’s Viktor Lenac delivers process module for IKA SW platform

Viktor Lenac, a shipyard from Croatia, yesterday delivered a process module for the IKA SW offshore platform, destined for deployment at the IKA South West gas field in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea.

Viktor Lenac delivers process module for IKA SW platform

The module is a part of a platform built by Viktor Lenac, in cooperation with Italy’s Rosetti Marino, for the end client INAgip, a joint venture between Croatia’s oil company INA and Italy’s Eni.

In an e-mail sent to Offshore Energy Today, the company’s spokesperson said that the deck sailed away yesterday, “but the works were officially finished and delivered on 30 April and we waited the client to announce ready on site date.”

The spokesperson added that while the platform is not the biggest one, it is one of the most sophisticated units constructed by the yard.

The Rijeka-based yard has built the main structure consisting of the jacket, pile sleeves and conductor guides, wellhead module, boat landing and riser.

The jacket was installed on the seabed in September last year

The substructure has been designed as a tripod jacket made up of three main legs, connected to each other by bracings. The jacket foundations are connected to the sea bottom by means of driving steel piles extending through the pile sleeves and into the sea bed. The jacket was constructed in the horizontal position to be loaded out and tugged to the actual gas field.

The jacket was installed by lifting it off the barge by a floating crane and lowering it into the sea bed. The jacket has a length of 77 meters and a weight of 700 tons. The jacket was installed at sea bed in September 2013.

Deck is a process module made up of three decks accommodating gas production equipment such as separators, filters, pipelines and other equipment supporting platform operations such as navigation lights, fire detection system, emergency systems, photo voltaic panels, safety equipment, crane, telecommunications and control systems. IKA SW is an unmanned platform, without living quarters.

The yard’s scope of work included fabrication of the complete deck structure including outfitting, pipelines and cabling, painting, load out and sea fastening. The equipped deck weighted about 570 tons having a size of 20×20 meters.

Viktor Lenac has, since 1997, built of 17 similar offshore gas production platforms for INAgip, the two latest units Annamaria A and Izabela North delivered in 2009.


August 19, 2014




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