Crystal Serenity Begins Her Dry-Docking

Crystal Serenity Begins Her Dry-Docking

Crystal Serenity cruise ship, owned by the cruise line Crystal Cruises, entered the Dry Dock berth in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The moment the vessel entered the dry dock, the long process of removing the water was initiated. Demolition is still the order of the day inside the ship.

The water outside of the ship,  in the dock was slowly pumped out. This was a slow process as Crystal Serenity had to ‘land’ on chocks, monitored by divers throughout the ‘drying’ process.

With all the water pumped out, work began on the hull section. Scaffolds are being erected to work on the ‘pods’ as well as all the skin fittings.

Both anchors have been ‘dropped’ to allow work to be carried out and the whole hull has been power washed (Jet-Washed) off to remove most of the accumulated grime that persistently clings to anything that spends its life in sea water.

Much of the safety kit that Crystal Serenity carries will be serviced during dry dock, this includes all of the tenders, which were removed as the cruise ship entered the dock.


Press Release, November 21, 2013

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