CSSC Power Group wins approval for its shipborne carbon capture system

The shipboard carbon capture and storage system developed by China Shipbuilding Power Engineering Institute Co. has received approvals in principle (AiP).

CCS/Illustration; Image by Navingo

The AIPs were awarded by two classification societies, the China Classification Society and ClassNK.

The certification lays the foundation for the commercialization of the product as the maritime industry charts a course for green and low-carbon ship operation.

With the global shipping industry’s decarbonization efforts gaining momentum, shipborne carbon capture technology has emerged as one of the very promising technologies to cut carbon, especially for the existing fleet.

CSSC Power Group said that its carbon capture system is characterized by high efficiency, minimal energy consumption, and seamless integration. Its key elements include the exhaust gas pretreatment unit, desorption unit, and carbon dioxide compression condensation liquefaction unit.

At the heart of this technology lies the core carbon dioxide absorption and desorption unit, which boasts a high-efficiency compound amine liquid chemical absorption process that stands out for its capability to absorb more than 85% of carbon dioxide from ship engine emissions. The subsequent desorption process ensures carbon dioxide purity below 99.9%, a crucial factor in supporting downstream carbon recycling initiatives.

The system was developed in cooperation with BASF Group.