Damen Repairs Polarcus Adira (The Netherlands)

Damen Repairs Polarcus Nadira (The Netherlands)

Damen Shiprepair Den Helder (The Netherlands) was awarded a contract for modification activities on the ‘Polarcus Adira’ operated by Dubai-based Polarcus, a company owning one of the biggest fleets of seismic vessels.

The vessel arrived on berth Den Helder November 2nd for a port call of 4 days. Repairs executed were, amongst others: works in the Seismic Control Room as to insulation and lighting, delivery and installment of Barovani Stands & Reel Frames, rerouting cables and pipelines of the AC unit in the Engine Control Room.

Polarcus is operating an ultra-modern seismic fleet incorporating advanced maritime and environmental features and capable of operating in the most challenging of conditions. Polarcus offers a full range of services from classic 3D/4D seismic, wide and multi-azimuth projects, Arctic frontier operations to their wide-tow First Pass TM operations.


Polarcus Adira: The Eighth 3D Seismic Vessel in Polarcus’ Fleet (UAE)


Offshore Energy Today Staff, December 2, 2012


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