Dan-Unity set to order world’s 1st vessels for large-scale CO2 transportation

Danish shipping company Dan-Unity CO2 is ready to order the world’s first vessels capable of large-scale CO2 transportation.

Designed by engineering contractor TGE Marine, the new 12,500 cbm and 22,000 cbm vessels received approval in principle from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

According to Dan-Unity, this milestone means that suitable shipyards will now be selected and invited into the process.

“Carbon capture can play a role in reducing emissions in a range of industries, but the supply chain will need vessels capable of transporting CO2 safely and efficiently. That’s why ABS is proud to be able to use its industry-leading expertise in gas carriers to support the development of these important vessels”, said Vassilios Kroustallis, SVP of Global Business Development, ABS.

As explained, one 22,000 cbm vessel alone can deliver a safe and cost-efficient transport of about 500,000 tons CO2 annually when operating between the northwest European region and Iceland’s upcoming Coda Terminal near Reykjavik, operated by Dan-Unity’s partners, Carbfix.

Furthermore, the vessels will be purpose-built, and thus not be compatible with any other trades. Consequently, longer-term contract commitments are required to initiate new building projects.

“Once in place, Dan-Unity CO2 can build the number of vessels required using one of the new vessel size designs with a lead time of 27-28 months for building a CO2 vessel. The vessels are of course prepared to sail on green energy”, the company said.

Steffen Jacobsen, CEO of Dan-Unity CO2, said: “We see a growing interest in CCS and CCU and are committed to identify solutions that combine capture, transport and storage. As a leader in the industry, Dan-Unity CO2 is deeply involved in shipping requirements in North European projects of scale”.

Jacobsen added that the company received a grant of DKK 2,8 million (approximately $1.212 million) from the Danish Maritime Fund to develop the vessels design.

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Owned by two shipping companies, Evergas and Navigator Gas, Dan-Unity is said to be the first shipping company specialized in vessels for the transport of captured CO2 for storage (CCS) and re-use (CCU).

Together with its Icelandic partner Carbfix, the company intends to enable large-scale CO2 emission transport and storage already in 2025.

The CO2 will be safely stored in Iceland’s volcanic bedrock and converted into stone within two years with a capacity of 2500 gigatons CO2, more than 55 years of the entire globe’s emissions.

Dan-Unity CO2 is also a partner with Project Greensand, a project aiming at validating the technical and commercial feasibility of CO2 storage in the Danish part of the North Sea.

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