Danes Bankroll Wind-Wave Combo Project

Denmark’s EUDP program has awarded DKK 4.79 million (EUR 642,000) to a floating wind – wave technology project as part of an effort to de-carbonise oil and gas production.

The project gathers Floating Power Plant, Lundin Norway AS, NOV APL Limited, Semco Maritime, CEFRONT, and Aalborg University.

With FPP’s combined floating wind and wave technology as the basis, the project aims to develop and adapt
new designs and business concepts for utilisation in combination with the extraction of hydrocarbons.

The Denmark-based Floating Power Plant has developed the P80 wind-wave energy platform that hosts a single wind turbine ranging from 5MW to 8MW and integrates a wave energy device with a capacity between 2MW and 3.6MW, depending on the wave resource.

Back in May, FPP signed an agreement with the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) to potentially deploy the P80 at the PLOCAN test facilities in Gran Canaria, Spain. It is anticipated that FPP’s technology could be constructed and deployed as early as late 2021.

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