DCNS Energies to Use Open Ocean’s Metocean Analytics Tool for RE Sites

DCNS Energies, a new DCNS subsidiary dedicated to floating offshore wind, tidal energy and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), has chosen Open Ocean’s software for the analysis of metocean conditions at potential project sites.

Metocean Analytics provides average metocean conditions, as well as extreme value analysis and operating weather windows. This is possible due to a large catalogue of wind, wave, ocean current and sea temperature data, coupled with statistical tools analysing precisely the locations of interest, and an editing tool providing reports on-demand, according to Open Ocean.

“Metocean Analytics will help DCNS Energies save time and reduce its costs in analyzing the match between their technologies and numerous offshore sites around the world. The swift statistical calculations and the easily accessible data make of Metocean Analytics a disruptive offer that will support many companies in working faster and better,” said Jerome Cuny, co-founder of Open Ocean.

In the past few years, DCNS has taken part in the US Aqua Ventus project in Maine and partnered with GE on developing a floating offshore wind system featuring the 6MW Haliade wind turbine on a DCNS floating platform.

In July 2016, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) approved two floating wind pilot projects, one of them being a 24MW project in the Groix area in Brittany to be developed by a joint venture including Eolfi, CGN, DCNS and Vinci.