DCS Moerdijk: innovative coating specialist for the offshore sector

Important developments at DCS (Drecht Coating Services): the blasting and coating specialist from Moerdijk has recently been taken over by three experienced investors from the manufacturing industry. Men with a passion for technology and a clear vision about the future of the offshore manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. Newly appointed managing director Gert-Jan van Utrecht gives an insight.

Business platform
”DCS is a strong, specialised and innovative party that fits very well into our business platform,’ says Van Utrecht, explaining the recent acquisition. This business platform is a network of companies that specialise in steel construction and processing and have earned their spurs in the offshore sector, among others.

By working together and using each other’s knowledge, network and organisation, these companies can focus on their own specialism. They retain their own identity and benefit from the strengths of a larger platform.”

Manufacturing of the future
Van Utrecht: ”The acquisition of DCS fits perfectly with our vision on the future of the Dutch offshore manufacturing industry: cooperation, specialisation and efficiency to deliver high quality products that meet modern requirements and promote sustainability. We believe in the power of shared knowledge,
experience and networks.”

”We are convinced that by continuing to invest in innovation, sustainability and cooperation, the Dutch manufacturing industry will not only survive, but thrive in the years to come.”

DCS really is a gem of a company,” says Van Utrecht. ”They are rather modest, but they have highly skilled and experienced coating specialists and first-class equipment for applying complex, high-quality coatings. They also don’t shy away from a special preservation technique such as metallisation. This is the thermal application of a thin layer of zinc, aluminium or metal alloy over the steel structure and provides optimum protection against extreme weather conditions and the increased risk of corrosion at sea.

”In addition, DCS has a track record in fire protection, applying fire resistant coatings such as Chartek and Jotachar. Both are widely used in the offshore and petrochemical industries and DCS is a certified applicator for these fire protection coating systems. Of course, we also hold NORSOK M-501 offshore certification and DCS has its own NACE 3 coatings inspector with extensive expertise in the professional inspection of applied coatings and the preparation of application procedures.”

DCS Onsite
Van Utrecht continues: ”DCS does not limit its activities to the Moerdijk site. You will find our DCS Onsite specialists at offshore and project locations. DCS Onsite is DCS’s mobile team that provides a solution to all kinds of coating challenges on site.”

”During plant maintenance, for example, they ensure that hard-to-reach parts of a process plant are professionally treated and that connections between newly assembled parts are thoroughly finished. To do this, they have special equipment for applying flame retardant coatings, for example. But above all, it is experience and expertise that count: DCS Onsite’s people have years of experience with a wide range of equipment and materials, and have carried out coating work in a variety of conditions. As a customer, it’s great to be able to fall back on that and get honest advice. That is what DCS is there for.”

Sustainable and efficient logistics
”What I also see as a great added value for our offshore customers is logistics. On many projects, complete steel structures or substructures are transported to and from the preservation company, or they are temporarily stored at another location. This results in all kinds of extra handling and inefficient transport movements.”

”Things can be done differently: DCS has a unique combination of facilities in Moerdijk that enable efficient and sustainable logistics. First of all, there are the excellently equipped, air-conditioned indoor coating facilities of more than 7,000 m2 and a height of 15 metres. This makes it possible to blast and preserve large structures.”

”There is also a 34,000m2 outdoor area equipped with overhead cranes for handling heavy parts. Construction and pre-treatment work can be carried out here, after which the structures can be conserved in the adjacent hall. We take care of the internal transport ourselves and the finished product can be stored in the same location.”

Managing Director Gert-Jan van Utrecht

”We also have unique water-based loading and unloading facilities at DCS. Our quay is over 250 metres long, has a depth of 9 metres and is equipped with a ro-ro quay and jetty. This provides excellent access for pontoons, heavy-lift floating sheerlegs and ocean-going vessels. We can easily load and unload structural components weighing up to 1,000 tonnes. With this unique combination of fabrication, coating, storage and loading/unloading facilities in one location, we provide sustainable and efficient logistics for the offshore sector.”

”We have already seen on a number of occasions that this can be a decisive factor in the award of contracts, and this is a promising prospect for the future,” concludes Van Utrecht with optimism.  

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