Deep Green tidal demonstrator taking shape

Minesto has procured several subsystems for its commercial-scale Deep Green demonstrator ahead of its upcoming deployment.

Swedish tidal energy developer Minesto has in December 2016 completed the procurement of a number of subsystems for its Deep Green tidal kite including tether rope, fairing, micro grid system (MGS) buoy, and rear nacelle.

Minesto has chosen a tether rope from a Dutch company FibreMax, made of a high-tech fiber called Dyneema.

The tether rope is the cord which anchors the wing of the Deep Green power plant to the bottom joint at the seabed foundation.

UK-based Subsea Energy Solutions will supply the fairing for the Deep Green power plant, Minesto informed. The fairing is the outer casing of the tether, enclosing the tether rope as well as cables for communication and power transmission.

The lower part of the fairing will be buoyant to enable control of the tether when the power plant is inactive, Minesto noted.

For the first 500kW Deep Green demonstrator that will be installed in Holyhead Deep, Wales, in 2017, Minesto will use an MGS buoy manufactured by marine energy company Malin Group in Scotland.

The MGS buoy will contain a transformer and all other parts related to the production, and disposal, of electricity generated by the Deep Green demonstrator, while also acting as the point of communication between the offshore site and onshore operations, according to Minesto.

Minesto has also placed an order with Swedish Motala Verkstad Group for the rear nacelle. The nacelle is the ‘body’ of Deep Green and the rear part holds the hydraulic system and the rudders.

When it comes to the front part of the nacelle, Minesto said it will be delivered along with the turbine being developed by Schottel Hydro.

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