Delta SubSea, Optime SubSea Join Forces

Delta SubSea and Optime SubSea have entered into an agreement to provide combined service solutions to their clients’ deep-water control needs.

The companies will supply their deepwater Intervention Workover Control (IWOC) system for the clients’ XT control for installation, interventions, testing, SCM diagnostics or other subsea XT test or controls applications.

Scott Dingman, CEO of Delta Subsea LLC, said “This system provides great cost and operational benefits for our current customers, but also open up for new opportunities looking to reduce cost, complexity and increase functionality of XT control operations. The IWOC system combines the stringent requirements from traditional subsea control systems developed to operate permanent installed equipment subsea, with the modularity, flexibility and low cost traditionally seen in the ROV industry.”

The benefits of the IWOC’s system are in the reduced footprint by moving the hydraulics subsea, resulting in no need for larger and heavier topside hydraulic umbilical, reel or designated containers. With a lighter and smaller system also comes the benefit of increasing subsea operations to a traditional support vessel, Delta SubSea explained.

“This IWOC system will potentially free up the drilling rig and allow installation to be carried out by one of our fleets IMR vessels. This system can be utilized for installation and testing of subsea tress as well as operating and overriding of the same subsea assets. The IWOC system is supported subsea via the Delta SubSea ROV system and associated intervention tooling as required. By using this system, we estimate customers can achieve a 60% cost savings directly on installation cost in many of their projects,” Scott Dingman added.