Deltares: Full Service Dike Monitoring Systems Have Future

Full Service Dike Monitoring Systems Have Future

For the first time, investigations have shown that full service dike monitoring systems work in practice.

This is shown by the final report on the third IJkdijk experiment: the All-in-One Sensor Validation test.

The experiment took place in August and September of last year, focusing on the performance and predictability of sensors linked to analysis and visualisation systems: “full service dike monitoring systems”.

A range of parties were involved in the experiment. The suppliers had the opportunity to test their measurement and visualisation systems. Deltares designed the test dikes, managed the project and conducted the experiment.

In recent months, an independent committee including Deltares has analysed the results from all nine measurement systems and three visualisation systems, summarising their findings in a final report. The report was presented on Wednesday, 20 March during the IJkdijk Conference in Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. The conclusion was that full service dike monitoring systems can produce very accurate predictions of the condition of the test dikes.

The final report also provides dike managers with information about the performance of the different measurement techniques and visualisation systems used in the experiment. They can use that information to decide which measurement techniques or visualisation systems are the most appropriate for their own practical circumstances, monitoring plans or specific requirements.

Full service dike monitoring systems have never been studied previously anywhere in the world. The Netherlands is leading the way. Using these systems, dikes managers will be able to make faster and more precise assessments of the condition of their dikes in the future.


Press Release, March 28, 2013