Denmark: MacArtney Introduces New LUXUS Range of Titanium Cameras and Lights

The MacArtney Group is launching a new video unit, camera and light range, the LUXUS series with 3 types of lights, 4 cameras, 2 video units and accessories.

The entire range has been designed to combine operational and service flexibility, excellent performance and ensured reliability. Their compact size and robust design make them ideal for ROV and diving applications – from shallow dives to deep water ROV operations.

Complete range with flexibility in mind

Different ROV tasks can require different equipment and even the same job can require changes to camera setups and lighting. Changes in operational depth, light levels and turbidity have enormous effects on imaging and light conditions can also vary greatly in the water column. Being able to make adjustments and changes easily when working offshore saves operator time and effort.

MacArtney’s LUXUS range is based on standard housings, which makes swapping lights and cameras in the field fast and convenient. A camera or light type can easily be removed from the bracket and exchanged with another for a change in application – from low light to colour zoom or HD or high power LED. Standard sizing makes camera or light changes more convenient and all the cameras and lights in the LUXUS range use the same brackets.

Lights can also be dimmed from 0 to 100%, making it easy to perfect the light level while working. The diver or operator needn’t worry about choosing the right depth rating for cameras or LED lights. The complete range is tested to 4000 metres as standard.

Protruding objects on underwater systems can often be subjected to damage and can be a weak link in the system. On some camera and light systems, breaking the connector can cause major damage to the camera or light itself.

MacArtney has designed the connector on the rear of the cameras and lights to be replaceable without causing damage to the whole assembly. The units are fitted with SubConn® connectors or other connector types depending on the customer’s needs.

Robust, reliable yet compact construction

The compact design is based on 3 standard sized titanium housings that give the entire range a working depth of 4000 metres. Housings are light, strong and non-oxidising for long lifetime and minimal servicing. Their cylindrical shape combines strength and compact design, making them ideal for divers or on ROVs.

Ensuring reliability in new products is critical and MacArtney has based the series on standard parts, which not only makes them tried and tested technology in combination with innovation, it also reduces prices as costly research and development costs are not passed on to the customer. Everything in the range is pressure tested before leaving the production site and each item is fully traceable.

Lightweight, self-contained video units for simplified diving control

The range also includes 2 self-contained video units that offer complete control of a range of information inputs and provide safe data storage and straightforward, practical control; the LUXUS Compact Media Controller and the top of the range LUXUS Multi Media Controller.

The LUXUS Compact Media Controller model is an easy to use video unit for straightforward diving applications. Weighing just 8kg, the compact kit includes controllers, LED light and a camera.

The touch screen is easy to use and the keyboard and controls are all built in. Recorded data is stored on an external hard drive that is unpluggable and can be passed onto the customer at the end of a job without needing the whole system for a lengthy download process.

The LUXUS Multi Media Controller system is also a portable video unit with controllers, LED lights and cameras.

Video data is automatically transferred to USB storage at set intervals for data security and split power ensures that the safety light is always on.

Both models have an overlay that can display and record a customer logo. Cameras can be dimmed a full 0-100% without steps and extras like coloured locking sleeves for easy cable identification and extra inline underwater connectors have been included into a design that takes diver needs to hand.

Available globally

Each MacArtney workshop can offer on the spot service and as the range is produced by MacArtney, the lead time is very short and can be supplied as complete systems and integrated solutions.

The LUXUS series includes:


• LUXUS Compact LED


• LUXUS High Power LED


• LUXUS Compact Camera

• LUXUS Low Light Camera

• LUXUS Colour Zoom Camera

• LUXUS High Definition Camera

Video units:

• LUXUS Compact Media Controller

• LUXUS Multi Media Controller


• LUXUS Pistol Grip

• Compact Diver Bundle

Subsea World News Staff , March 09, 2012;  Image: MacArtney