Depots for Oil Spill Clean-Up Equipment to Be Built in Norway

Depots for Oil Spill Clean-up Equipment to Be Built in Norway

The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (Nofo) has reached agreement  with T. Johansen Drift AS and Roald Johansen AS in Alta on constructing two depots for oil spill clean-up equipment.

Located at Hasvik and Måsøy in Norway’s northernmost Finnmark county, these facilities represent the final brick in the protective wall for the Goliat field operated by Eni Norge.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer turnkey contracts for establishing the clean-up equipment depots in Hasvik and Måsøy to Roald Johansen AS and T. Johansen Drift AS,” says Nofo head Sjur Knudsen. “We are confident that these companies can deliver the best product for our purposes.”

Given increased activity in the Barents Sea, the operator companies on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) want to strengthen emergency preparedness for oil spills in the region.

Goliat is the first oil field to come on stream in these waters, and has been a cornerstone in oil spill preparedness there – both offshore and inshore. The Hasvik and Måsøy depots will hold clean-up and related equipment to support possible oil spill response operations in inshore areas.

T. Johansen Drift AS will build the depot in Måsøy at a contract value of 22,6 million NOK, while Roald Johansen AS is given the contract for the building of a depot in Hasvik, worth 24,3 million NOK. Both companies are located in Alta.


The equipment will be stored and maintained at the depots, as well as mobilised for clean-up exercises. Supplies will be taken from there when responding to acute oil pollution. Nofo is responsible for acquiring the depots, their day-to-day operation and standby duty arrangements related to and at the facilities.

“When they’re ready in a year’s time, oil spill emergency preparedness for Goliat will be complete,” says Knudsen. “That’s a model for the future and a platform for further expansion.”


As the partners in the Goliat licence, Eni and Statoil have been pioneers in the establishment of oil spill emergency preparedness in Finnmark.

“With the Hasvik and Måsøy depots, we’ve completed these preparations in line with the approved plans for development and operation,” says oil clean-up adviser Ole Hansen at Eni.

The depots cover 1 337 square metres at Måsøy and 1 163 at Hasvik. In addition to storage and workshops, they will house offices, changing rooms and meeting rooms. These structures will be erected adjacent to quays, with the Hasvik depot also getting a floating quay. The local authority will be able to use the later for ambulance assignments. This floating quay is not included in the contract.

“We’ve had to build up completely new and robust emergency response solutions for Goliat,” explains Hansen. “They’re tailored for that field, but can also be used with other incidents. These resources contribute quite clearly to strengthening overall emergency preparedness off Finnmark.”



Press Release, July 5, 2013


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