Photo: Courtesy of DESFA

DESFA becomes operator of new Kuwaiti LNG import terminal

Greek gas grid operator DESFA has been awarded the operation and maintenance services of Liquefied Natural Gas Import (LNGI), the new liquefied natural gas terminal of the Kuwaiti state company KIPIC.

DESFA said that the contract has a minimum duration of five years and was awarded to the grid operator following the completion of the last phase of the relevant tender.

The company added that the experience gained by DESFA from managing the Greek transmission system and the LNG terminal in Revithoussa had a contribution to the undertaking of the project.

The LNGI Terminal is one of the largest LNG storage and regasification stations in the world, with eight liquefied gas storage tanks with a capacity of 225,000 cbm each.

According to KIPIC, the purpose of the project is to serve the industrial consumers of natural gas, but also to meet the growing needs of the country for cleaner fuel for the production of electric power.

Nicola Battilana, CEO of DESFA, said: “The undertaking of the project for the provision of operation and maintenance services of the KIPIC LNG terminal by DESFA is an embodiment of the strategic decision of the company to participate in more international projects.

With this development, DESFA acquires a presence in the Arab environment and, in fact, in one of the most impressive projects in the region, which will bring significant financial benefits, as well as top technical experience to the organization.

Thus, the project comes to contribute decisively to the consolidation of DESFA as a highly competitive force at an international level, not only in the field of transport but also in the management of natural gas infrastructure“.

The company further stated that this project, which is added to DESFA activities, makes Greece an increasingly competitive energy force in the region of Southeast Europe. Projects like this, as well as its the company’s participation in the FSRU Alexandroupolis, could turn Greece into a natural gas hub for the Balkans.