Det norske Announces Production Closing on Glitne, Norway

Det norske Announces Production Closing on Glitne, Norway

On Sunday February 24, the last production well on Glitne was shut down, after 12 years of production. With a quadrupling of its useful life, more than doubling of production and excellent partnership cooperation, Glitne has been a success for compliance, both for Det norske and the other licensees.

“Glitne has shown in practice how good cooperation between the owners and process and well interventions have led to increased oil production and an extended lifetime of a mature field. This is important knowledge acquired, which we will utilize in the coming years“ says Kristin Gjertsen, Head of partner-operated fields in Det norske.

In total, Glitne produced 55.9 million barrels of oil equivalents, 30 million barrels more than expected. Det norske’s ten percent interest in the field has produced a total of 5.6 million barrels of oil equivalents.

From now on, the most important remaining task is to ensure a good, safe and professional plugging and abandonment of the field. In total, seven wells will be temporarily plugged with LWI vessels. The final schedule for the plugging and removal of the seabed frames is yet to be determined.

Det norske’s share in Glitne is 10 percent. The other licensees are Statoil (58.9 percent, operator), Total (21.8 percent), and Faroe (9.3 percent).

Press Release , March 01 , 2013