Photo: Illustration. Source: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

DFDS Unveils Key Strategic Pillars for Next 5 Years

Danish ferry and logistics company DFDS has presented four strategic pillars that would be the key growth drivers in the coming five years in addition to market growth.

As informed, the company intends to continue growing both revenue and earnings considerably by leveraging new technologies, skills of its employees and services provided by DFDS ferry and logistics networks.

The four strategy pillars include a mix of organic as well as structural initiatives, including acquisitions.

Specifically, DFDS aims to digitize services to accelerate growth by digitizing core operating systems; develop and expand the ferry and logistics network; create more value for passengers and grow solutions for initially automotive, forest & metal and cold chain industries.

With regards to the company’s ferry and logistics network, DFDS aims to achieve long-term business plan goal for its new Mediterranean business unit. The company also expects to gain benefits from the deployment of its newbuilds with lower unit costs. In addition to improvement projects, DFDS also wants to grow scale advantages through acquisitions.

What is more, DFDS’ financial ambition is to achieve an EBITDA of around DKK 5.5 billion (USD 828 million) in 2023 compared to DKK 3.6 billion for 2018. The uncertainty related to achieving the financial ambition is estimated at around 10%.

“Our ambition exceeds the outlook for continued modest market growth. Therefore, our strategy is to leverage the reach and strength of our network to do more for customers and to raise efficiency. This way we intend to grow considerably over the next five years,” Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS, commented.